Sunday, 8 April 2012

Enjoying Vegan & Gluten Free. Yes . . . enjoying.

Happy Egg-Chick-Chocolate Day everyone :)
This long weekend has been a time for relaxation, cold beers with family, and delicious homemade treats. 

However, the challenge with that has become pleasing the palette of my Mum -  who has recently been diagnosed as Celiac. Therefore, "catch ya later cheaper 10kg bags of flour", and "howdy gluten free flour blends and experimentation!"

On my normal Saturday morning journey to London, Ontario's Western Fair Farmer's Market, I was on a special mission to find yummy, locally made Easter treats for the entire family. That's when I fell upon Sweet Lemon, a vegan, gluten, dairy, and additive free bakery booth run by the friendliest pair around. Making my choice was a tricky one, but once I found out that even the yellow coconut flakes were dyed naturally with sweet spices, I couldn't resist.

So, although this post comes sans recipe, it comes with a message that eating naturally and with restrictions in mind can still be fun and freeing. Plus it tastes DELISH <3

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  1. I was the lucky Mum to get the treat and it was delicious!