Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Heads Up Veggie Buds!

So you're walking through the juice aisle and some tasty treats catch your eye. Will it be orange, fruit punch, or strawberry kiwi - so many healthy, fruit-filled choices. But...A-HA! Some things are not what they seem. When grocery shopping in a large store, it's all up to you to check what you're eating/drinking. Chris and I are very good about checking sodium levels, sugar amounts, etc., but when choosing juice, scrutinizing the ingredients wasn't the first thing on our mind. Tonight, we were shown the light. As an example of the need for awareness: Oasis health break Strawberry-Kiwi juice contains fish. Yup...fish. It has a high level of omega-3, so I guess we should've assumed. But how many of us expect juice to come with your recommended daily intake of salmon? To be fair, the carton has it printed in bold under the ingredients, so it really is up to us, as consumers, to actually read what we're buying.

Another example that REALLY ticks me off, is Campbell's soup and their "Vegetable" concoction. Unfortunately, the whole 'vegetable' part is a tad misleading. The readily available Vegetable soup contains beef broth - no lie. Another Plan-B meal gone down the tubes. Again, to be fair, there is a Vegetarian Vegetable soup also available, but I've honestly never seen it on a Canadian shelf. If anyone has, kudos to you (and pass some our way!) Although it's always nicer to have homemade soups, sometimes a can is a lifesaver.

** Just a little friendly heads-up from your fellow Veggie :) **